We've always loved jewellery, but we found ourselves getting frustrated with the 925 sterling silver rings that we paid $100+ for bending and losing shape just because we wore them everyday. Not to mention the odd ring leaving gross coloured marks on our fingers.

This got us thinking - Why are we spending so much money on rings that are so damn precious?

Let's create a brand with rings that are strong and durable, eco-friendly, fairly priced and look damn good too!

From this frustration bloomed a beautiful idea; ZUKO.

A brand that is made to suit your everyday lifestyle.

Jewellery that is designed to be treated mean and to keep performing.

Realistic jewellery for realistic lifestyles.


How we're building an environmentally friendly jewellery label

We are very passionate about the environment and extremely conscious of the by-product that we produce as we build our brand. 

That's why there are a few precautions we have taken to ensure that we don't contribute any harmful waste to the environment. Everything you receive in your order from us either has an ongoing purpose or is 100% recyclable and/or biodegradable.

You can rest easy knowing that your order with us hasn't had any negative impact on our world.

Zero plastic, zero waste, zero worries!


Why did we settle on 316L stainless steel?

  • Top of the line marine grade steel

  • 100% recyclable

  • Lightweight

  • Strong and durable

  • Strong corrosion resistance = no rust

  • Doesn't leave coloured marks on your skin

  • Less than 0.03% carbon


To be honest, we can't find any negatives! 

We love the fact we get to bring you amazing quality jewellery at a realistic and affordable price.